We are a dedicated team of Volunteer Residents!

The ANA is made up of “you” with a group of elected leaders (‘the board’) and volunteer committee members working to keep things running.

Our Leadership

Ashcroft Neighborhood
Association Board of Directors

  • President: Ted Miller
  • Vice President: Halsey Blake-Scott
  • Vice President : Cameron Bolton
  • Vice President: Andy Bonaffini
  • Secretary: Lotta Lofgren
  • Treasurer: Tom Timbie
  • Director: Rick Beyer (Developer)

email: ashcroft-board@googlegroups.com

Architectural Review

  • Chair: Bob Baumgartner
  • Gay Goodwin
  • Marilyn Linder
  • Chris Medberry
  • Mark Szalwinski
  • Katherine Willard

email: arc@ashcroftneighbor.com

Ashcroft Committees: Making Connections, Neighborhood Enhancements

The Ashcroft Neighborhood Association has numerous committees to address many of the important neighborhood needs.  The committees provide a vehicle through which residents can connect and socialize. The committees allow residents to work together to make improvements and promote enhancements to the neighborhood’s amenities.

These connecting-for-fun-and-change committees include the Social Committee, Pool Committee, Trails Committee, Playground Committee, Technology Committee, Traffic Task Force, Hospitality Committee, and Nature and Landscape Committee. Descriptions of these committees and how to be involved are below.

This group plans a number of events throughout the year, such as an Easter Egg Hunt, progressive dinner, cocktail parties, pool parties, and Oktoberfest. If you would like to join in the fun of planning and staging such events, please contact Cameron Bolton at CamJBolton@gmail.com.

This committee coordinates with the Board of Directors and Pool Management company to ensure the swimming pool facility is ready for use and is kept in order. The committee also assesses future needs for the facility. The point of contact for the committee is Denise Bachman who can be reached at dedleuva@gmail.com

The Trails Committee is dedicated to maintaining, improving, and expanding the trail system in Ashcroft’s open spaces. The committee seeks a closer tie between the Board, the developer, and neighborhood volunteers who create, upgrade and maintain trails in the neighborhood. If interested in serving on the committee, contact Billie Bolton, chair, by emailing Lanelax74@gmail.com.

The Ashcroft Traffic Task Force is a board-appointed group that works together to consider traffic-calming measures in the neighborhood. The group interfaces with the Virginia Department of Transportation and Albemarle County to determine the breadth of speeding in the neighborhood and to brainstorm about possible traffic-calming measures. If interested in serving on the task force, contact Lotta Lofgren at llc8c@virginia.edu.

The Ashcroft Technology Committee is a group of resident volunteers interested in using and acquiring technology that enhances communication, safety, and security in the neighborhood. Committee members review, evaluate and recommend technology for use within the neighborhood and make recommendations to the Ashcroft Board of Directors. The committee is also reviewing the current website to develop an updated version into a more user-friendly experience.

If interested in learning more, please email Ted Miller, chair, at millertanaboard@gmail.com.

The Nature and Landscape Committee is developing information for the neighborhood about native and non-native plants that are deer resistant. The committee is also developing information about identifying and controlling invasive species such as the Japanese Stiltgrass, Autumn Olive, the tree of heaven, and many others.  If interested, please contact Lou Baumgartner at loubaumgartner@gmail.com.

The Hospitality Committee welcomes new residents by delivering a beautiful floral arrangement created by neighbor Carolyn Adams, a directory of Ashcroft residents and a welcome letter. In addition, new residents are offered a personalized introduction and tour of the neighborhood amenities, with an explanation on how to gain a key fob. If you are new and haven’t yet received an arrangement, directory or personalized introduction to the amenities, please contact Ida Lee Wootten, chair, at ildwootten@gmail.com.

Ted Miller

Ted currently serves as the ANA Board President

Rick Beyer

Ashcroft Developer and owner of R.L. Beyer Homes, Rick serves as a permanent director on the board.

Val Ruland- Schwartz

Val currently serves as the ANA Webmaster

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